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Bionaire® air purifiers clean indoor air of airborne pollutants and allergens through a HEPA filtration system. The quality of the air inside your house often lacks the proper level specified as safe outdoors when air quality is monitored.

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Bionaire® true HEPA air purifiers remove 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, which include dust; mold; pollen; chemicals released from house paint, cleaners, furniture and carpet fibers; and tobacco smoke. Since the majority of your time is spent indoors, ensuring a healthy environment through safe, clean air should be a priority.

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How They Work
The Bionaire® brand works continually to balance air-tight home construction with breathable, healthy indoor air for the homeowner. The air purifiers have attractive designs and provide up-to-date, energy efficient technology. They are specifically designed for a variety of room sizes while the unit itself takes up a minimum amount of space. The air quality in your home will improve with Bionaire® air purifiers, according to the manufacturer and many satisfied consumers.

Choose What You Will Use
Deciding which Bionaire® air purifier offers the best filtration for your home’s air issues, and choosing the model that fits your room size is an important consideration. There are several reasons why your home will benefit from an air purifier. You may want to cut down on dust, pollen, allergens, etc. This can easily be accomplished with a Bionaire®.

  • High efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters, developed originally for the atomic energy commission, remove the tiniest airborne particles from the air. These are the type of filter provided in Bionaire® air filtration units.
  • Regular HEPA-Type filters capture up to 99% of particles 2.0 microns or larger from filtered air.
  • True HEPA filters provide 99.97% filtration for particles as small as 0.3 microns.
  • A powerful three-speed fan disperses pure, clean air quietly back into the room after filtration.

To give you an understanding of what the micron comparison means:

  • 100 microns is consistent with the diameter of human hair.
  • 25 microns coincides with the size of debris and other particles.
  • 10 microns describes heavy dust, pollen, and spores from plants. Anything less than 10 microns in size are not visible to the human eye.
  • 5-10 microns are the size of average dust, pet dander, skin flakes, moulds, and pollen.
  • 1-5 microns includes light atmospheric dust, and dust mite debris.
  • 0.3 to 1 micron is comprised of tobacco smoke, and metallic, chemical fumes.

Air Filters: Where Bionaire® Shines
Bionaire® brand air purifiers have permanent filters that don’t need to be replaced if you follow the care instructions for you unit(s). The permanent filters do need to be vacuumed thoroughly every three months, or more often depending on the air in your home: if you have pets, live in especially dusty or high pollen areas, or need to keep your indoor air at its highest quality.

The Bionaire® ionizer setting puts negatively-charged ions into your home’s air. Negatively-charged ions attach to dust, pollen, or other irritants, to increase the size of the particles. That makes them easier for the HEPA filter to trap. This combination ensures that your air purifier works to its maximum efficiency at all times.

Size Matters
Determining which size Bionaire® air purifier will provide the best air quality for you depends on the clean air delivery rate (CADR.) This rating matches the size of the room being cleaned with the amount of air being pushed through the unit. The CADR rating indicates the efficiency of the air cleaner, indicating the volume of filtered air the purifier delivers. This is the unit of measure that allows you to compare one purifier to another. The higher the CADR number, the faster the cleaner is filtering the air.

  • Small Rooms 10 x 11 71 CADR – 12 x 12 91 CADR
  • Medium Rooms 14 x 14 145 CADR – 16 x 17  or 175 CADR – 17 x 18 200 CADR
  • Large Rooms 18 x 19 220 CADR – 20 x 20 260 CADR

Placement Considerations: Important to Note
Where will you place your Bionaire® air purifier unit? That will make a difference regarding the size of the unit you choose.

The Bionaire® is a vertical air purifier which permits it to fit in the corner of any room. If you are looking for a bedroom purifier, a critical consideration will be how quietly the air purifier works.

  • Consider whether you are willing to replace filters on a regular basis or prefer permanent filters that only need cleaning (like Bionaire® provides.)
  • Choose a brand with a good reputation. Bionaire® brand pioneered indoor air purification. It is the brand to demanding consumers choose, who desire innovative design, pure air quality, and advanced cleaning solutions.

Bionaire® Features

These air purifiers use specially-designed airflow systems. They ensure quiet operation using blades, motor and filter designed for quiet operation at every speed. The Bionaire® achieves minimal noise with a very high level of filtration.

The sophisticated, modern design of Bionaire® air purifiers provides a slim, compact unit that fits any home’s décor. This styling gives you the versatility to put a purifier anywhere in a room. Some of the Bionaire® air purifiers have received the Energy Star Certification in the United States, giving you the best energy efficiency as well as the best quality air.

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