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Holmes: A Brand You Can Trust for Air Purifiers

Air purification systems work to provide clean air in various environments. They can remove cigarette smoke, pet dander, and other air pollutants that can cause health problems. Even if the air is relatively clean, an air purifier can remove unwanted odors or freshen-up stale air. While air purifiers and filters work for all types of environments, some models work better in certain situations than others.

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Understanding the various features and abilities of each air filtration system offered by a trusted brand can help you choose the best device for your home or office. This knowledge will help you save money and improve the air quality of your environment. Although there are many brand names and styles to choose from, few names in the air purification market are as trusted or well known as Holmes. Holmes offers a wide range of air filtration devices, from small and inexpensive models to large systems capable of heavy duty air purification.

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Air Purification for Your Office or Bedroom

The Holmes HAP223 Air Purifier is the entry level model offered by this company. It features a HEPA-type filter for clean air quality, with a convenient filter reminder dial to let you know when it’s time for a clean filter. This model can filter the air of a room up to 70 sq. ft. Although that may not seem like much, it only costs $25. It’s often the best option for a small bedroom or bathroom.

For office workers looking for better air quality at work, the Holmes Desktop Air Purifier is the best choice. It has a small footprint and can be used horizontally, perfect for perching on an already crowded desk. Not only does it feature a high quality HEPA style filter to remove impurities and dust, but it’s filter features baking soda to remove unwanted and unpleasant odors. Three speed settings are available on this model, and it is recommended for rooms up to 10 by 11 feet. At only $35, this is a great option for both office and bedroom air purification.

Going up in price, we find the HAP412-BNU Mini Tower Air Purifier. It is priced at $50. This tower unit is designed to cover an 100 sq. ft. area, and runs quietly enough to use while sleeping. It also includes a HEPA type filter with extra odor control, but has no warranty. This model has a CADR rating of 76, which means it will pull smoke and pollen particulates out of the air faster than the previous two models.

Holmes Filtration Systems for Medium Sized Rooms

If you have a medium sized living room or dining room that needs almost every irritant removed from the air, consider the Holmes HAP424-U Air Purifier. This small tower unit provides some of the most thorough air purification in this price range, and can cover a room as large as 180 sq. ft. It removes 99% of all pollutants from the air, and costs $70.

Most air purification systems require continual purchases of new air filters as they get clogged with particles and need replacement. If you’d prefer an air filter that can clean a medium sized room, removes 99% of all air pollutants, and needs far fewer filter replacements, choose the LifeLong™ HEPA-Type Tower Air Cleaner from Holmes. It features a washable filter that captures most of the larger particulates, extending the life of the HEPA-type filter that catches the finest particles. It costs $100, and cleans rooms up to 13 by 13 feet.

Systems for Large Rooms and The Highest Air Quality Possible

All other Holmes air purifiers feature HEPA-type filters, which are rated to capture 99% of all air pollutants. There are three models offered by the company that feature true HEPA filters, which filter out 99.7% of all particles in the air. That .7% may not sound like a big difference, but for people who suffer from extreme allergies or asthma, it can mean the difference between comfort and an allergy or asthma attack. Two of these models are also rated to purify large rooms.

The first is the Holmes True HEPA Allergen Remover Tower. This $80 model has four speed settings to handle any kind of air pollution situation, and features an additional baking soda filter to remove offending odors. The filter life monitor will let you know when the true HEPA filter needs replacement. It also features an optional ionizer, which works to remove large particles from the air and freshen stale air. It can handle rooms up to 116 sq. ft., making it ideal for a full sized bedroom or small living room.

The next model is the Holmes True HEPA Allergen Remover for Medium to Large Rooms. True to it’s name, this air purifier can handle rooms of up to 256 sq. ft. It features much of the same filtration details as the smaller model, such as extra odor protection and a true HEPA filter. It also features a digital display and timer, which allows you to set the model to run for up to 16 hours unattended. This makes it ideal for cleaning the air in your home while your at work. This model is understandably louder, making this feature crucial as it may be too loud for most people to sleep while it runs. It costs $100.

The largest model available from Holmes is the True HEPA Allergen Remover for Large Rooms. It covers a room up to 418 sq. ft, which should be sufficient for even the largest of family rooms or dining rooms. The true HEPA filter and odor filter provide clean and fresh air, and it also allows for unattended air purification with a 16 hour timer. The CADR rating for this unit is 270, meaning it can clear a room of cigarette smoke very quickly. If one of your family members is sensitive to cigarette smoke but you just can’t shake the habit, purchasing one of these $140 units can ease their allergies or asthma.

Choosing the Best Option

Understanding the inner workings of an air purifier may be a little difficult, but choosing the proper appliance for the right area isn’t. Holmes offers a wide range of options, from inexpensive models to freshen an office to large models capable of removing heavy air pollution.

  • Determine your budget and size requirements before choosing a model.
  • Measure the square footage of the room you need the system for, and choose a system that is rated to handle it’s size. Choosing an air purifier rated for a smaller room will leave you unsatisfied with the air quality.
  • Choose a model that will fit the layout of the room. Tower units have smaller foot prints, and horizontal units can easily be placed on a desk. If the unit can only fit in a corner or under a table, it will not be able to provide the air quality you are seeking.

By considering these factors when choosing your air purification system, you will be able to purchase a unit that fits your needs and your budget. Holmes has many options for the home or business environment.

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