Ionic Air Purifiers

With newer homes and improved window seals, air conditioning and heat stay in, but the downside is a more airtight home, especially in areas of the country where they experience bitterly cold winters. When Spring arrives, we gladly open our windows and let the fresh air in but, wouldn’t it be better if we could enjoy fresh air year round, such as with either one of the ionic air purifiers or electronic air purifiers? Everything you need to know about ionic air purifiers is that first, they come in different styles, models, colors and prices, but most are quite affordable. In order to find the one that best fits your budget and financial situation, be sure to research the company’s website thoroughly before purchasing one for your home.

*Filterless Ionic Air Purifiers

For example, the Ionic Pro cleans and purifies the air in a quiet soothing manner. The blades included catch and trap environmental dust and dirt, while the purifier sends out clean air in their place. This model is so quiet, you will not believe what a hard worker it is at constantly cleaning your environment. The only time it emits a soft hum or buzz is when it needs cleaning. All you need to do to clean it is dust the blades, because you will never worry about cleaning or replacing filters because, there aren’t any. This professional piece of machinery is priced at a total of less than $150, but may be paid in three installments of $49.85 each.There are several high quality ionic air purifiers that are reasonably priced and go well with the decor or most any home.

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*Energy Saving Ionic Air Purifier

The Ionic Pro Turbo is an energetic little machine that uses no more energy than that of a light bulb. It eradicates dangerous bacteria, mold, and will even prevent the common cold and flu viruses. Pet dander is no longer an issue with this model, and if can even change smog into oxygen. Never again do you need to worry about taking a breath in your own home again. You may inhale deeply and safely from the very first day you use it. The Ionic Pro air purifier offers a 30 day free trial as well.

*Electronic Air Purifier With Odor Filter

Electronic air purifiers are much more expensive than ionic air purifiers, weigh more, and are mainly used in larger surface areas such as basements, gymnasiums, roomy bedrooms, living rooms, and businesses. One model that offers the highest degree of allergen cleaning is the Health Pro Plus found on Amazon. The reviews from consumers are that even after only a month of use, allergies and asthma were greatly improved. So much so that an additional unit was ordered to place in another section of the home. The second unit was great for those with pets according to the customer, because it had an optional odor filter. The reviewers all agreed they appreciated the five speed controls as well. The price for this unit is under $900.

* Positive and Negative of Electronic Air Purifiers

Another high quality electronic air purifier is the Freidrich C-90A Electronic air purifier. The electrostatic plates eliminate the need for filters, and this model covers over 500 sq. feet. The cost of this item on Amazon is $729 new, or for a used model, $299. Reviews for electronic air purifiers were mainly that they appreciated not having to purchase expensive filters. The one drawback for some customers was that the unit is much too noisy and cumbersome.

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